All a word can be.

The 1000 words project.

Welcome to the 1000 words project.

In a world with more than 6 billion keyboards, distributed among computers, tablets and smartphones, we are writing less and less. Automated correctors are work for us. Artificial intelligences complete our words and sentences. Emojis replace what should be written. We're hiring robots to talk to people.

Increasingly, we invent tools and ways of not writing and not speaking. Unfortunately we are losing the habit of using words.
And with that our ability to read, interpret, imagine and create.

The 1.000 Words Project wishes to rescue, educate, celebrate and encourage the use of words as pop culture icons and a gateway to increasing the knowledge of our language, our way of speaking, writing and communicating.

Give back words the protagonism and content they deserve, make them become trending topics, fashionable, debatable, make them become a conversation and the present. And above all, make people fall in love with words and never think about living far from them again.


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